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KESCO (Kearney Electric Supply Company - DUNS#012676859) is a subsidiary of KEMBUR CORPORATION, a holding company; New York incorporation February, 2005.  

Our Customer Service Advantage

KESCO specializes in providing reconditioned, and new, surplus electrical equipment matching older style existing installations. With our extensive network of surplus suppliers throughout the US we quickly locate the exact items needed (molded case circuit breakers, mounting hardware, bus plugs, transformers, fuses, draw out breakers, high voltage, etc.) to satisfy your particular requirements. Our turn-a-round time for both quotes and material deliveries is excellent. We also have the expertise to determine the correct equipment to utilize with existing gear. (Arrangements can be made to visit a job site to verify item compatability.) Our pricing is very competetive and reconditioned equipment comes with a warranty.  

Our Employees

Tim Kearney is the President of the corporation and operates all the day to day functions of the business. He has over 40 years in the electrical industry, including management, on the distribution side. If he doesn't know he'll find out quickly! 

Company History

The original business was started as a personal d/b/a: TFK/MM Enterprise in 2000. Initially the thurst was commercial lighting including design and layout, both interior and exterior, utilizing all light sources. We continue to provide solutions in lighting but also do extensive switchgear (low, medium and high voltage), circuit breaker, oil filled transformer, bus duct, switchboard and distribution work.  

We Buy Surplus: Used and New

Many electrical items (equipment and tools) end up surplus because of up-grades, excess inventory, job completion "extras", demolition, obsolescence and downsizing. We act as brokers to find the best qualified buyers for everything electrical: large molded case breakers, bus duct and plugs, transformers (dry and oil filled), motor control, switchboards, tools: benders, tuggers, crimpers, threaders. Contact us with a list and we'll help you determine the best way to proceed to turn your surplus into cash.  

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          KESCO (Kearney Electric Supply Company)
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