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Whether it's oil filled transformers (see Home page), or molded case breakers, bus plugs, bus duct, dry transformers, switches or any other electrical distribution equipment, KESCO can broker a deal for your company to turn the equipment into cash. We broker Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage USED gear, of any kind, and negotiate the best possible return for you. Using our many and extensive contacts Nationwide we will help you "liquidate" that equipment whether from demolition, system upgrades, replacements or to just "clean up" the job site.

KESCO has recently brokered the sale of used equipment from Companies, per their request, from locations as follows:
Northern NY: Old USED ONAN 400KW Diesel Generator, 3 Phase, 120/208 Volt.
Rochester, NY: 11 USED SQD SAFLEX Bus Plugs, SD Series with Breaker Protection.
Buffalo, NY: NEW Surplus SQD Breakers - (2) LDL36400U31X.
Syracuse, NY: NEW Surplus SQD Circuit Breakers - HJA36100, QJA32200, MJA36400, MJA36600 and MJA36800.
Tampa, FL: SQD QED Switchboard, 3 Sections, 2500 Amp MCB, 5 Branches: 3-800 Amp, 1-600 Amp & 1-200 Amp.
Near Rochester, NY: SQD HVL Load Current Interrupter Switch, 15KV, NEMA 3R, 600 Amp with fuses. 
Buffalo, NY: SQD Electronic Circuit Breaker, 800 Amp with LI Functions.
Near Fayetteville, NC: One (1) SQD QED Switchboard, 2500 Amp, 480 Volt with 2500 Amp Main Breaker and 5 Large amperage branch breakers.
Near Seattle, WA: 1100 Gallons of Transformer Silicone Oil, Clear and Tested, for Recycling.
Northern Wisconsin: Four (4) 15KV Outdoor Fused S&C Line-ups. Two (2) GE AKD-6 Air Breakers. One (1) GE 3750KVA Oil Filled Substation Transformer.
Northern New York: Assorted Polemount and Padmount oil filled transformers.
Northeast of Albany NY: Eleven (11) Padmount Oil and Silicone Transformers. Nineteen (19) Polemount Oil and Silicone Transformers. Twelve (12) Switches, both NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R, Low Voltage, 5KV and 15KV, Padmount and Free Standing.
East of Harrisburg PA: 180 feet Siemens 800 Amp, 600 Volt Bus Duct with "fittings" and 15 Bus Plugs.
North of Chicago IL: 246 Low Voltage Molded Case Circuit Breakers. Twelve (12) SQD MOD4 Free Standing NEMA 1 Motor Control Sections with 12 MC Buckets and 12 Switch Buckets. Two (2) Dry Type NEMA 1 Low Voltage Step-down Distribution Transformers.

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