Medium and High Voltage
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Oil Filled Transformers, Pad and Pole Switching, Cutouts, Lightning Arresters, Voltage Regulators.

KESCO utilizes vendors across the US to provide all types of medium and high voltage electrical equipment. We are able to locate that "special" piece of equipment to solve emergency situations within extremely tight time frames. We deal extensively with tested and fully guaranteed (or warranted) remanufactured and/or reconditioned equipment (AS WELL AS NEW!) with coverage beyond newly manufactured. In addition our pricing can range anywhere from 10% to 40% below new.
Although we excel in emergencies we also can assist with design/build applications. We create line-ups for specific functions, recommend transformers for particular applications, show how to "mate" switching with substations, suggest design for utility feeds. Most of our vendors have engineers on staff to assist. Please call us for your individual needs.
KESCO also purchases used medium and high voltage gear. We find the best offer for your equipment and handle all the details to remove it from your site. We do oil testing for PCB content at no charge, inspect, take pictures, gather all nameplate and operating information, submit everything to our vendors and pay you the highest amount. Our vendors are consistently looking for equipment to purchase and trust KESCO to handle all aspects of recovery. Let us assist you in your company's asset recovery.   

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